Fluid Bear Masterclass

🐻✨ Dive into the World of Fluid Bears at our Exclusive Masterclass! ✨🐾

Embark on a unique artistic journey with our Fluid Bear Masterclass – where creativity meets cuddliness! 🎨🧸 Unleash your imagination as you craft your very own one-of-a-kind fluid art bear, a whimsical companion that reflects your individuality.

📅 Dates and Times: Every Saturday at 4:00 PM, Every Sunday at 1:45 PM and 4:00 PM
💰 Cost: Only 200 AED for an Original Fluid Bear to take home! 🌈🐻

🎨 What to Expect: Introduction to Fluid Art: Learn the mesmerizing techniques of pouring, blending, and creating dynamic patterns with vibrant colors.
Bear Crafting: Transform a plain bear into a masterpiece using fluid art techniques. The possibilities are endless!
Guided by Experts: Our experienced instructors will provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring every participant creates a unique and stunning Fluid Bear.
📍 Location: #ThekidSpace

🌟 Why Join the Fluid Bear Masterclass?
Express Yourself: Infuse your personality into your bear, making it truly yours.
Relaxing and Fun: Enjoy a therapeutic and enjoyable art experience.
Great for All Ages: Suitable for both kids and adults – a perfect family activity!

📝 Reserve Your Spot: Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now! Don't miss this opportunity to create a cuddly friend that's as unique as you are!

Let your creativity flow and bring home a huggable masterpiece. Join us at the Fluid Bear Masterclass – where art, imagination, and bears come to life! 🌈🐾
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